ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 22-February-2019

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include PoshBot, JeaDsc, Azure Pipelines, Arrays and Hashtables, and Pester testing.

Content curated by Brett Bunker, Robin Dadswell, and Mark Roloff.

Writing a PoshBot Plugin to Display TOPdesk Tickets and Assets

by Andrew Pla on February 16th

Creating bots for Teams or Slack can make you more productive and save time by not having to swtich between applications. Come let Andrew show you how to create a bot for Teams using PoshBot.

[Scriptblock] and ConvertTo-Json: a match made in recursive hell

by Chris Gardner on February 17th

Interested in deploying JEA in your environment? JeaDsc can help you deploy JEA endpoints across your enterprise, but there may be a gothcha with JSON. Let Chris show you how he resolved this issue.

How I Failed My Way to Success with Azure Pipelines - Part 2: Release

by Josh King on February 17th

Josh walks you through setting up and configuring an Azure pipeline to use with PowerShell in this blog post. Testing in production is optional.

PowerShell – Few tricks about HashTables and Arrays I wish I knew when I started

by Przemyslaw Klys on February 19th

Dive into some great examples on how to make you HashTables and Arrays look better and perform faster. Follow along with this post filled with great examples to improve your code.

Pester Testing Self Contained Scripts

by Shane O'Neill on February 20th

Pestering your code is a good thing. Shane shows how to get started testing with Pester, with a tip for a great video to watch for even more Pester goodness.

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Tweet of the Week

Powershell Core v6.1.3 was just released.

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