PowerShell for Admins

Go to right away!

Even if you're not attending Summit, these challenges are a great thing to jump into. They're a fun chance to flex your PowerShell sk1llz, and the official Iron Scripter competition permits remote assistance to each of our three factions - so you can get in on the action from afar!

We suggest using tags #battlefaction, #daybreakfaction, and #flawlessfaction, and #ironscripter2019 to hook up with fellow coders on social media. Visit the main Iron Scripter website to learn more.

Not even sure how to join a faction? It's easy: read up on 'em and decide which one fits you. Then get in touch with your like-minded scripters. Arrange to communicate via Slack, Teams, GitHub, carrier pigeon, or whatever - Iron Scripter is all about mystery and ad-hoc, not about formal structures or rules.

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