2019 Community Lightning Demos


I'm a huge fan of lightning demos. From the community and PowerShell Team lightning demos we get at the summit, to PSPowerHour, to various local groups and conferences using the format.

At the 2019 PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit, we'll have about 90 minutes for these demos - now we just need proposals from you!

So! Why might you be interested in lightning demos?

Why Lightning Demos

Lightning demos are great for the audience and speakers alike.

For the audience:

  • Fast paced (Less than 10 minutes each)
  • Many speakers
  • Topic or speaker not what you're looking for? They'll change in a few minutes
  • Demos offer enough material to give you ideas and point out where to learn more
  • Content is more likely to have a high signal-to-noise ratio given the time constraints

For the speakers:

  • No need to come up with a full length session and the content behind it
  • It can be comforting knowing you have a bunch of peers joining you
  • You can get enough info to the audience for them to get excited and want to learn more
  • You get a platform to share something awesome with the community

Hopefully you're up for doing a demo! Let's go over how to get involved.

Proposing a Lightning Demo

There are a few optional fields, but all we really need is your e-mail, your name, a title, and a quick sentence or paragraph abstract on what you'll talk about.

All you need to do is sign up here: bit.ly/doademo19

We'll be in touch, but to give you a quick idea of how things will go…

I've Proposed! What's Next?

  • The 10 minute limit is a hard limit. We'll have to cut short if you hit the mark. Hooking up AV equipment counts as your time
  • Don't aim for 10 minutes. Show what you want to show. Does it only take 5 minutes? Even better!
  • We have 90 minutes. We'll schedule something like 15+ sessions, but if everyone takes their 10 minutes, we may only see 9
  • We'll give you the order of operations. At you in slot 1-9? You're up! 10-12? There's a good chance we'll get to you. 13-18? You might make it if things are speedy, if someone drops out, or if we find extra time
  • Worst case? We don't get to see your demo at the summit, but Michael Lombardi and I pester you to submit your demo to PSPowerHour, an online lightning demo thing we do
  • We'll do our best to get everyone on stage, but we'll likely follow last year's preferences:
    • New speakers over breakout session speakers and previous demo speakersWe'll do our best to get everyone on stage, but we'll likely follow last year's preferences:
    • New ideas or interesting variations over well trodden topics
    • Community sessions over vendors, on similar topics (why? The happy path isn't always the most helpful!)
  • Yes. I mentioned vendors. The PowerShell Team and Community lightning demos will be done together this year. (Attending) Vendors are welcome to submit demos, but we'll be leaning towards the community in many cases

That's it! We'll take proposals up through April 15th, and will get back to you on April 17th. This gives you ~two weeks to propose, and ~two weeks to put together an awesome demo - I hope to see you all up there on the stage!

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  1. Lighting or lightning? I see both terms interspersed throughout, so i’m a bit confused 😛
    I mean LED lights are cool too!