ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 1-March-2019

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include more Iron Scripter, a trove of AD and O365 scripts, tons of REST API goodness, and some fundamental lessons from Brisbane.

Special thanks to Brett Bunker, Robin Dadswell, and Mark Roloff.

Generating PowerShell Cmdlets from OpenAPI/Swagger with AutoRest

by Garrett Serack on February 22nd

AutoRest has added support for PowerShell! And I honestly had no idea what it was before this but it looks like a pretty cool way to generate code for hitting REST APIs from yaml files. Definitely worth looking at more closely!

Iron Scripter 2019 Prelude Challenge #2

by Jeff Hicks on February 26th

If you've been doing the Iron Scripter challenges, or would like to, don't forget to share your solutions! Everyone has a different take, so there's probably something new that you can teach somebody just by putting it out there.

Understanding the Invoke-RestMethod PowerShell cmdlet

by Adam Bertram on February 23rd

REST APIs are fun, and 

 is your gateway to using them. Let Adam take you on a tour of this flexible cmdlet!

Get Latest Office 365 Service Status with Flow or PowerShell

by Lee Ford on February 25th

Lee's guide will walk you through setting up an Azure AD app that can then be used by PowerShell to query your tenant's status. Bonus points for integrating it with your PoshBot deployment!

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Popular Weekly Post

Avast! Yonder Reddit post be havin' a bounty o' O365 and AD scripts fer the plunder! Arrrr!

Youtube: PowerShell 101 with Michael and Christian

From the Brisbane User Group, Michael gives a lesson on PS fundamentals covering flow control and decision making statements

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