ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 22-March-2019

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include PowerShell IoT, Nmap in PS, and some livestreamed contributions to PSHTML.

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell and Mark Roloff.

List and change BIOS settings with PowerShell

by Damien Van Robaeys on March 19th

Methods covered are specific to 3 of the major hardware manufacturers, which makes this especially handy.


by Justin Grote

Not a blog but this was announced a few days ago and seemed worth sharing. PoshNmap is a wrapper for the ubiquitous Nmap tool.

Getting Started With PowerShell (Core) on Raspian (Raspberry Pi) – Light Up a LED

by Daniel Silva on March 20th

I mean... The title really says it all. If you're curious about IoT, this is a great little practical exercise to get you introduced to it.

PowerShell Crash Course

by jeikabu on March 15th

A different kind of crash course. It's really more of a quick primer to PowerShell Core for *nix admins/developers.

SQL Database Backups using PowerShell Module – DBATools

by Rajendra Gupta on March 21st

There's apparently plenty of different configurations for backing up databases with the DBATools module, and Rajendra demonstrates a good number of them here.

Youtube: Closing an issue in PSHTML to improve charting in HTML with PowerShell

Anthony livestreams his journey into writing an improvement to a public module.

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