ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 8-March-2019

Topics include the Graph API, status pages, test-driven development, getting your Google 2FA in the shell, and more.

Content curated by Robin Dadswell and Mark Roloff.

PowerShell and the Microsoft Graph API : Part 2 – Starting to explore

by James O'Neill on March 3rd

The Graph API is a vast and powerful tool in MS's cloud. With a little help from James, we can start to poke around at what it brings to the table. Make sure oyu check out pt 1 to see how the connection is built.

Connect to Microsoft Graph for Intune with Powershell ISE Add-ons

by Martin Bengtsson on March 4th

Keeping with the Graph theme, Martin has a great tool for you Intune admins that are still using ISE.

Meet Statusimo – PowerShell generated Status Page

by Przemyslaw Klys on March 6th

Building on his PSWriteHTML module, Przemysław now unveils Statusimo, an impressive new module that can help you create professional looking status pages for your organization.

Google Authenticator in PowerShell

by HumanEquivalentUnit on March 7th

This is pretty cool! Don't want to take out your phone to handle your 2FA login with Google? Get it in the shell!

PowerShell Line Counting

by Joel Bennett on March 6th

Asking how many lines are in a script is easy enough to answer but what about from PowerShell's perspective? Joel uses the AST to find out how the PowerShell parser handles this.

Tweet of the Week

Not all heroes wear capes but umm... Somebody needs to buy Taylor Leonhardt a cape. With this little adjustment to VSCode, double-clicking a variable will now include the $ sign.

Youtube: How to do Test Driven Development/Design in PowerShell

Doug Finke gives a quick demo on how he approaches test-driven development.

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