ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 12-April-2019

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include splatting, PSRemoting to Azure VMs, and honey users.

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell and Mark Roloff

Moving my blog comments from Disqus to Github issues using PowerShell

by François-Xavier Cat on April 7th

More than a few fun goodies in here, from working with XML to using the PS GitHub module.

PowerShell tricks: Splatting

by Roberth Strand on April 5th

If you're not already splatting, take a look in here. All the cool kids are doing it and anyone that has to read your scripts later on will likely thank you. It's a very simple, yet seriously versatile addition to your toolbox.

PowerShell Basics: Connecting to VMs with Azure PSRemoting

by Michael Bender on April 10th

Whether from the comfort of your local shell or the Cloud Shell, remote PowerShell to your Azure VMs is quick and easy to get started with.


Built with Universal Dashboard, BlueHive is a utility that lets you create and manage honey users in your environment. Thanks for this awesome tool, Lee Berg!

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Popular Weekly Post

Less educational or interesting, and more encouraging. If you're on the fence with jumping deeper into PowerShell, here's someone sharing their story of how it helped kick their career up a few notches.

Tweet of the Week

Playing with 

 is a little bit more fun with Chrome's DevTools letting you copy requests to your clipboard.

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