ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 17-May-2019

Topics include working with the Graph API, Chocolatey, jazzing up your functions with pipeline support, and shrinking VMDKs.

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, and Mark Roloff.

How to shrink VMDK with a couple of PowerShell scripts?

by Kevin Soltow on May 8th

Not just a set of useful scripts for anyone still working in a space-constrained environment, but a great bit of interesting detail has also gone into this.

Powershell Script – MassDownloader – Efficient, Automated, Fault Tolerant, idempotent downloader with real time metrics

by Bryan Vine on May 12th

Taking BITS to the next level, Bryan has a nice script that automates some of the features and adds a progress indicator for each download.

Advanced PowerShell Functions: Begin to Process to End

by Brittney Ryn on May 13th

Interested in making your functions work in a pipeline? Brittney has put together an excellent guide to understanding how to do this, as well as a peek into some of the under-the-hood behavior.

PowerShell Module For JSON Schema Validation

by Tao Yang on May 12th

Tao needed to validate multiple JSON files, so he did what any self-respecting scripter would do. He wrote a new function that leverages Core’s native Test-Json in combination with Pester to validate an entire directory of files.

PowerShell, MS Graph API, Azure Automation, and Intune

by Timothy Gruber on May 8th

Knowing how to work with Graph opens up a lot of cool doors for your projects and Timothy’s guide is a fantastic place to start.

Tweet of the Week

Did you know that PowerShell Core has some significant performance improvements over 5.1? @jeremytbrun stumbled across the enhancements in Group-Object after making the switch.

Youtube: Chocolatey: From zero to software deployment hero in 60 minutes!

Tired of installing applications the hard way? Take a little tour of Chocolatey with Steven Valdinger and learn to do it like the pros!

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