ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 3-May-2019

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include GUI development, Azure Cloud Shell, Live streaming, Azure functions and more!

Special thanks to Mark Roloff and Robin Dadswelll

New Video – Handling Progress with a Background Job in a GUI Application

by Max Trinidad on May 1st

Learn how to create forms and have tasks running behind them with Sapien

Deploy SSIS Packages with PowerShell .ISPAC Deployment, using the SSIS Provider

by Aaron Neslon on May 1st

Learn an easy and repeatable way to deploy SSIS packages with PowerShell

Visualising your DNS cache with PSGraph

by James Montgomery on April 26th

Have a bit of fun with the PSGraph model and your DNS cache, who knows what more can be done from here!

Using PowerShell with Azure Cloud Shell

by Michael Bender on April 27th

There are many ways to switch to PowerShell within the Azure Cloud Shell, find out more about them here!

Public Preview of PowerShell in Azure Functions 2.x

by Joey Aiello on April 29th

An announcement from the project team for PowerShell Core

Reddit /r/PowerShell – Most Popular Weekly Post

Have a look through some suggestions for beginners or help out someone new, either way it’s great to see the community helping one another out!

Tweet of the Week

A quick start quide to getting started streaming PowerShell live!

Youtube: PSKoans: Learn PowerShell concepts using Pester! with Joel Sallow

A forray into PSKoans, the goal of the PowerShell koans is to teach you PowerShell by presenting you with a set of questions. Each kōan (each question) is represented by a failing Pester test. Your goal is to make those tests pass by filling out the correct answer, or writing the correct code.

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