ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 28-June-2019

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include working with ARM templates, shells, shells, shells, and DSC.

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, and Mark Roloff.

Garuda – Architecture and Plan

by Ravikanth Chaganti on June 24th

Looking to develop a new OVF, Ravikanth details the his proposed architecture for Garuda, as was demonstrated at PSConfEU.

How To Modify Azure ARM Templates with PowerShell

by Adam Bertram on June 26th

A nice thing about ARM templates is that they're JSON, which can be nicely converted into objects in PS for easy automation or testing. Adam's article gets you going with some guidance there.

DSC Resource Kit Release June 2019

by Katie Kragenbrink on June 26th

A new DSC Resource Kit has landed with updates to several modules.

Last time I saw this many shells, someone sold them by the sea shore

by James O'Neill on June 22nd

We have a lot of options for shells on Windows nows and James digs into some of the pros and cons of several of them. Figuring out how you like to run your PS? There's good detail for you here then.

Reddit /r/PowerShell

Lots of fun stuff happening with the new Windows Terminal and now there's a script to automatically set the shell's color scheme to match your desktop wallpaper. Très beau!

Youtube: Publishing and Managing Modules in an Internal Repository by Kevin Marquette

If you've got some PS tools that need internal distribution, let Kevin give you a hand with building a solution to address that.

Youtube: 13 Years in a Shell: Lessons, Practices, and Achievements in PowerShell

Presenting at the New York PSUG, Don Jones shares some knowledge, mistakes, and best practices spanning his career around PowerShell.

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