ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 12-July-2019

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include WPF GUIs, BitLocker and LAPS reporting, more APIs, and tips from a consultant.

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, and Mark Roloff.

[Tutorial] Creating Extensive PowerShell GUI Applications – PART 1

by Dom Ruggeri on July 6th

For those interested in dipping their toes into creating GUIs with PowerShell, Dom has started a great series covering his approach to keeping the GUI elements organized and wiring them up to some code.

Managing the Ghost API with PowerShell: Oh the Possibilities!

by Adam Bertram on July 11th

Perhaps to celebrate migrating his blog to the Ghost platform, Adam explores how to work with the service's REST API via PowerShell.

Getting Bitlocker and LAPS summary report with PowerShell

by Przemyslaw Klys on July 11th

Need a presentable report for management? This fun script will put one in your hands. Or, take some time to poke at it and learn some cool new tricks with collecting data.

3 Ways to Create Custom TypeNames on PowerShell Objects

by Prateek Singh on July 11th

If you're using the 

 to format how your objects are displayed, here are a few different ways to define your object typename.

Quantum Computing with... PowerShell?

Quantum chemistry your thing? We stumbled across a portion of MS's Quantum Development Kit that integrates a little functionality with our favorite language.

Youtube: Lessons from the field: How an IT consultant uses PowerShell to get the job done with David Stein

Presenting to the Research Triangle PowerShell User Group, David gives a glimpse into how PS has changed the landscape of his job as a consultant.

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