ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 26-July-2019

Topics include an in-depth tutorial, extending PS with Rust, mail archives, and Pester reports.

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, and Mark Roloff.

PowerShell Tutorial Mini-Course: Building a Server Inventory Script

by Adam Bertram on July 22nd

Stepping from one-liners to a full script can be a daunting threshold. Fortunately, Adam has a great tutorial that walks you through his thought-process behind piecing together a reusable tool.

Extending PowerShell with Rust

by Doug Finke on July 21st

Need to squeeze more performance out of your PowerShell but the thought of writing C# isn't sitting well with you? Well, how about Rust?

Mission Impossible Code Part 2: Extreme Multilingual IaC (via Standard Code for Preflight TCP Connect Testing a List of Endpoints in Both Bash and PowerShell)

by Darwin Sanoy on July 23rd

Join Darwin's trip down the rabbit hole of working out a xplat method for validating critical network connectivity before onboarding new systems.

Disconnect, migrate and reconnect your PST with PowerShell

by Damien Van Robaeys on July 23rd

I've long believed that PSTs are the handiwork of Satan but they're often a necessary evil that we endure. Fortunately, locating and migrating them is a snap with Damien's script.

Pester Result Reporting With Suggestions And XSL Support

by Prasoon Karunan V on July 25rd

Desiring nicer looking test results, Prasoon extends Pester, allowing it to generate browser-friendly reports.

Tweet of the Week

It's always cool to see what new PowerShell tools the InfoSec community comes up with. ThreatHunt simulates attack methods by raising alerts for you to practice hunting down.

Youtube: Powershell and Selenium

Presenting at the St. Louis User Group, Ken Maglio covers everything you need to know to start automating Chrome with the help of Selenium.

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