ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 5-July-2019

Topics include pop-ups, dbatools, unit testing galore, and chatops.

Curated by Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, and Mark Roloff.

Get-PwshUpdates: Check if there is a PowerShell update available and install it

by Barbara Forbes on June 30th

Life happening and you forgot that there’s an update for PS Core? Thankfully, Barbara has put together a module to remind you of when there’s a new version available for download and lets you install it with a click.

How to Show a Pop-Up or Balloon Tip Notification from PowerShell?

July 2nd

If you need a way to notify your end users when a script completes or otherwise quickly communicate to their desktop, this post runs you through a couple of methods to achieve the task.

Unit testing in PowerShell, introduction to Pester

by Olivier Miossec on July 2nd

The foundations of Pester laid bare, Olivier brings everyone a great first step into the world of unit testing.

Hiding Warnings in dbatools

by Shane O’Neill on June 28th

Error handling is a great notch to have on your belt but if you’re working with dbatools, there are a few special considerations that are worth knowing.

Youtube: ChatOps and Bots with PowerShell!

From PSConfEU, Steve Lee runs you through the benefits of ChatOps and demonstrates how to build your first PowerShell chat bot.

Twitch: PowerShell 101 with Michael and Christian – Part 13_

From the Brisbane user group, Michael continues a learning series with some work in PS Core.

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