Conference Recordings – You Spoke, We Listened

The decision was made to partner with Pluralsight to do our video recordings in 2020. Pluralsight has offered to save us $40K-$50K (per event) by having their team do the recordings of the session. There was never any condition on their part that the recordings be hosted exclusively behind their paywall, this decision was made by the DevOps Collective. In fact, other events that they work with have their session recordings available to the public for free. After better understanding everyone’s perspectives on the subject, we’ve indicated to Pluralsight that we would like to use a different model instead, and they’re very happy to oblige us. They’ve made it clear that they’re happy to work with an event on whatever terms that event needs for its community, and we appreciate their flexibility and willingness to support us.


Give us a few days to get everything worked out and will make an announcement soon on the 2020 session recordings.