ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 1-November-2019

Topics include Teams, Scheduled Jobs, Halloween fun and more

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, and Kevin Laux.

Managing PowerShell scheduled jobs

by Mike Kanakos on 28th October

I'd like to walk you through the management of PowerShell scheduled jobs. The concept of PowerShell jobs is not familiar territory for many PowerShell users. At first glance, the benefits of running any kind of job from the command line may not be obvious. Let's peel back the covers on managing scheduled jobs and the benefits that come with them.

The PowerShell Magic 8 Ball

by Jeffery Hicks on 28th October

Last year I shared some PowerShell code on Twitter about this time of year. I have a short script that uses Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to create a spooky graphical prompt that allows you to ask questions of a Magic 8 Ball.

Automated Microsoft Teams Policy application to Azure AD Groups using PowerShell

by Robin Dadswell on 28th October

Use Azure AD Groups to manage teams policies for users who need different policies. This article provides a framework of how to do it including logging to teams.

Using PowerShell ArrayLists and Arrays

by Nathan Kasco on 29th October

Get back to PowerShell basics learning how to use PowerShell arraylists and basic arrays in this how-to walkthrough!

Port Testing with PowerShell

by TobiasPSP on 30th of October

Let’s check out how to use a TCPClient object to turn PowerShell into a fast and flexible network port tester!

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Monitoring Microsoft Teams using PowerShell Universal Dashboard

Tweet of the Week

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Create an Active Directory new user onboarding website with PowerShell

In this video, we use the Active Directory PowerShell Module and Universal Dashboard to create a self-service website for creating new users in Active Directory.

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