ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 29-November-2019

Topics include Invoke-Command, Objects, Introspection and more.

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, and Kevin Laux.

Monday Morning Module Maintenance Monoliners

by Andy Levy on 25th November

Do enough work with PowerShell and you’ll build up a decent collection of modules installed from the gallery into either your computer or your user profile (or maybe both!). Here are two one-liners to help keep things up to date and tidy.

SkypeOnlineConnector Session Reconnection

by Randy Chapman on 25th November

If you use the SkypeOnlineConnector PowerShell module to connect to and manage Skype for Business Online or Microsoft Teams, I have some exciting news.

Using Invoke-Command In PowerShell

by Dan Franciscus on 26th November

In this article, Dan Franciscus covers how to use the Invoke-Command and why it is one of his favorite commands to use in PowerShell.

Why Do We Write PowerShell (for Office 365) Like We Do?

by Tony Redmond on 28th November

A reader asked why the PowerShell examples in the book (and this site) are “just code.” It’s a reasonable question that deserves a reasonable answer.

Back to Basics: Understanding PowerShell Objects

by Bill Kindle on 29th November

PowerShell is a powerful language. But what makes it so powerful? PowerShell objects. What are these magical objects and how does PowerShell work with them? Stay tuned to find out.

Youtube: Azure PowerShell Introduction

Learn the basics of using PowerShell with Azure, great primer.

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  1. Marc Esteve says:

    the Using *Invoke-Command in Powershell* entry shows a server error

  2. James Petty says:

    Hey Marc,
    This is an issue on their end. Hopefully it will be up soon.

  3. James Petty says:

    Excellent Article