DevOps + Automation Summit Update

DevOps + Automation Summit is a gathering of DevOps and Automation professionals and enthusiasts from around the global, hosted at the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville TN October 21-23, 2020. The focus is not focused on just one automation tool. More than just a conference, it’s a true in-person gathering of a vibrant community where we will be talking about different automation tools and tool-sets, across multiple platforms learning best practices and industry standards. We share challenges and solutions, and we drive our industry forward. If you are focusing on system & cloud automation, regardless of the OS of cloud vendor, and especially if you’re moving your organization toward a DevOps footing, then this is the 400+ level event you’ve been looking for.

Here is the tentative timeline (note this is subject to change).

  • CFP opens March, 24 2020
  • CFP Closes May, 24 2020
  • Full schedule released June, 6 2020
  • Tickets go on sale May 4, 2020 (If you are at the PowerShell + DevOps Global summit you can purchase your ticket with a special discount code)

What will be covered at the DevOps + Automation Summit ?

That is a good question and since the CFP hasn’t opened yet I can’t say for sure what exactly will be covered. We are looking for sessions that cover DevOps and Automation topics, that aren’t limited to just PowerShell-ish topics. Do you use GO for your daily automation GREAT. How about Jenkins, Ansible, or Satellite to manage your Red Hat servers, we are looking or that as well. Goolge Cloud, AWS, Azure we want all of these topics a well.

The vision for this event is “How do I use automation to achieve a DevOps like environment?” We all know that DevOps isn’t a tool that you can buy off the shelf and say “Look … I’m doing DevOps now”. But its a mindset that has to change and what tools do you have in your tookbox to make that happen? Lets find out at the DevOps + Automation Global Summit in Nashville TN.

Watch for all the update information