Book: “Shell of an Idea,” the Untold History of PowerShell

I’ve launched a new book project, which I’m hoping you’ll support: Shell of an Idea, the Untold History of PowerShell is now available for pre-purchase at a $10 discount on Leanpub. You’ll get the initial introductory chapters right now, and when I start pumping out the main manuscript in April-May 2020, you’ll get that too. The price will rise to the final $30 after the first 100 preorders, so don’t delay too much if you want in on the deal.

This is a big project, and it’s involving a few flights up to Redmond for sit-down interviews with key folks – hence the pre-order, to help fund those trips. I’m going all the way back in time to the earliest days of PowerShell Monad Babylon Kermit, yeah it went through a lot of names and concepts! I plan to fill this not only with interesting facts, but also personal anecdotes from the folks who were there, and some back-of-house stories about the inevitable politics and challenges the shell saw on its path to life.

I’m also collecting personal anecdotes from people who’ve been impacted by PowerShell. I’d love to hear about life before PowerShell (how easy was automation back then, and how important was it to you?), how PowerShell changed your job or career, or anything like that. I’ll weave all of that into the book too, because the story of PowerShell is mainly the story of the people who made it and the people who adopted it.

Thanks for your support, and tell a friend!

About Don Jones

Don Jones is a Windows PowerShell MVP, author of several Windows PowerShell books (and other IT books), Co-founder and President/CEO of, PowerShell columnist for Microsoft TechNet Magazine, PowerShell educator, and designer/author of several Windows PowerShell courses (including Microsoft's). Power to the shell!