Hash Table to CSV, Revisited

I started writing about PowerShell in June 2014 at https://tommymaynard.com. While I’m not a Microsoft MVP, I’m certainly working to obtain Microsoft’s longevity award. While the distinction doesn’t actually exist, this year will mark six consistent years of reading, researching, spending my time with PowerShell, and giving back to the community in my written word. With the combination of my site and this one, I’ve authored somewhere close to 350+ articles, or posts.

What I’m really out to say here, is that in my time, I’ve notice which of my writings have been consistently popular. There’s a particular post on my site that sees the largest amount of consistent visitors: It’s Hash Table to CSV. I’ve been looking for a way to take its personal success and provide more to the reader about the topic. That’s what we’re doing today with this post. I put a link to the original post on Twitter recently, and someone provided me an idea for an update — whether they realized it or not. It’s simple, but whatever. As proven, those are sometimes the most popular posts.

Join me at https://tommymaynard.com to read more about getting hash tables into CSVs (direct link).

≥ Tommy Maynard (Twitter: @thetommymaynard)

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