ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 24-January-2020

Topics include PSboundparamters, Email with SendGrid, Universal Automation and more.

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, Kiran Patnayakuni and Kevin Laux.

Using $PSBoundParameters in PowerShell

by Mike Roberts on 19th January

Ever use $PSBoundParameters to see what parameters are passed into your function. Mike will tell you everything you need to know about $PSBoundParameters in his blog post.

Send email from PowerShell with SendGrid

by Barbara Forbes on 19th January

Since the system behind Send-MailMessage is no longer maintained Barbara explores an alternative method of sending email from PowerShell, SendGrid.

Monitoring Active Directory with the PowerShell module PSADHealth

by Mike Kanakos on 20th January

The goal of this module is to enable you to know when the core pieces of Active Directory aren't working as expected so you can take action.

Deep Dive: Break, Continue, Return, Exit in PowerShell

by Manoj Sahoo on 23rd January

Manoj does a deep dive on code execution terminators in PowerShell.

The PowerShell foreach Loop: Examples, Demos and Learning

by June Castillote on 23rd January

Learn how all the PowerShell foreach loops work with tons of examples and real-world use cases in this informative article.

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Weekly Post

Four commands to help you track down insecure LDAP Bindings before March 2020. In march 2020, Microsoft is supposed to block insecure LDAP bindings. I've updated my 3 Powershell modules to help you track down machines/accounts doing that.

Youtube: Introducing Universal Automation

Universal Automation is the automation platform for PowerShell. This video is a recording of a webinar that we produced on 1-22-2020. We provide an overview of UA followed by several demos of the product.

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