PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit Waitlist

As we get closer to the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit selling out (on ramp is already sold out), I wanted to take a few short minutes to explain how the waitlist process works. For those that haven’t noticed we switched to RegFox from Eventbrite so the process is a little different this year.

This applys to both the OnRamp ticket as well as the Standard Summit Ticket

  1. First you will get a popup box like this one that says you are joining the waitlist.
  2. You will go through the normal registration process INCLUDING your credit card information. This information will be stored and if a ticket becomes available your card will be charged at that time.
    1. Your CC will not be charged at this time
  3. If a ticket becomes available you will receive an email from the PowerShell.org team asking if you still want the ticket. You will have 24 hours from the time the email was sent to respond. If you don’t then we will move to the next person in the list.
    1. Please keep in mind that we cannot exceed our capacity that we have set forth for a number of reasons (including the fact that the Fire Marshall pays us a visit each year)
  4. Please don’t email us asking for us to move you to the top because you just got approval and really want to attend.