Who is your 2020 PowerShell Hero

Once again nominations are open for the 2020 PowerShell Community Heros. We want to know who in our community has gone above and beyond.

  • Have they written a blog post or two that has tremendously helped you out? Is there someone who has gone out of their way to help you with your issue?
  • Is there someone who you always see on the forums answering questions?
  • Who has an open source project that has helped you out a lot?
  • Are you running an open source project and has someone made a lot of pull requests that helped you?

Your nominee doesn’t have to be a MVP (most of our heroes aren’t’ MVP’s). We are looking for the folks in our community that are making a difference. Nominations are not restricted to just the USA. The PowerShell community is world wide.

How do you nominate someone, that part is easy…Just take a few minutes and fill out this survey.It will remain open until 29 Feb 2020.




5 thoughts on “Who is your 2020 PowerShell Hero

  1. Ryan Yates

    I’m pretty certain in prior years MVP’s weren’t eligible to be nominated on the basis that they’d already gained community recognition from Microsoft.

    However I could well be wrong on that

  2. James Petty Post author

    This not not true. MVP’s have been nominated in the past and at least 1/2 of the community hero’s of the last several years have been MVP’s. We are simply reminding everyone that just because the person you want to nominate isn’t a MVP, doesn’t mean they aren’t a community hero.

  3. RobertSmitBe67

    think this might’ve died a little with covid but i nominated some people. hoping they get recognized!

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