Fake the Data when Missing the CSV

Earlier today, I had an opportunity to help a coworker running ICMP requests against a series of IP addresses. They were being pulled in from a CSV file, which contained host names with matching IP addresses. If for some reason the import failed, such as the file wasn’t where it was supposed to be, he wanted to supply a single IP address he knew would fail in place of the successful CSV import. I suspect this was for testing purposes. Whatever the reason, I obliged him in his quest and request. I leaned heavily on a recently written and published article of mine: Hash Table to CSV, Revisited. It lined up perfectly with what I was working toward in this instance.

The goal here was to fake out an upcoming Foreach loop in such a way that no coding changes needed to be made, whether or not the CSV file existed, etc. That was the end goal for this work: leave the later code doing what it had be doing previously. Jump over to https://tommymaynard.com and let’s use what we learned in the above article to fulfill this request.

≥ Tommy Maynard (Twitter: @thetommymaynard)

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