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When I was new to the PowerShell community, I introduced myself by way of reading and replying to forum questions. It was mainly at Microsoft’s TechNet and it was always about PowerShell. As much as I was able to help, I was also able to learn. For every topic in which I couldn’t offer assistance was an opportunity to learn from someone else that could. As time progressed, so did my PowerShell skills, as well as the percentage of questions I could answer.

When I started writing about PowerShell in mid 2014, I did less and less work on the forums. As a part of getting some name recognition again, I’ve been looking at Stack Overflow, the forum here at, TechNet/MSDN, and Reddit. I plan to use a part of 2020 to get back into that aspect of sharing and helping with PowerShell. This isn’t what this article is about so much, but instead it’s about a question that I recently answered that I want to share. That reminds me. During some point of my earlier days in the PowerShell community, I wrote and answered questions at the same time. Some of my best articles, and even some of my functions and code, began due to a forum question and solution.

There’s no difference with today’s post. Go to and let’s explore my newest forum question turned blog post.

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One thought on “Forum Problem to Posted Solution and Article Post

  1. Amala12

    Hello All, I would like to move particular data from one folder to another folder for that im using this power shell command

    Importing Active Directory CSV
    $profile = Import-Csv -Path ‘C:\Users\amahankali\desktop\ACTIVE_DIRECTORY.csv’
    $Folder = Get-ChildItem -Path ‘C:\Users\amahankali\Test Folders’ | select -Property Name
    $Former_Employee = $profile | where-object {$_.title -eq “Former_Employee”} | export-csv “C:\Users\amahankali\Desktop\former.csv” -NoTypeInformation
    Compare-Object $compformer.netid $ -IncludeEqual | export-csv “C:\Users\amahankali\Desktop\Commformer.csv” -NoTypeInformation
    $list = “c:\users\amahankali\desktop\commformer.csv”
    $remove = Import-csv $list | Where-Object {$_.”sideindicator” -eq “==”} | Export-Csv “c:\users\amahankali\desktop\FinalFormer.csv” -NoTypeInformation

    $var1 = ‘C:\users\amahankali\Test folders’
    $var2 = ‘C:\users\amahankali\desktop\archive folder’
    $file = get-childitem -path ‘c:
    foreach($file in var1)
    call $file
    if ($file inputobject -eq $var1{
    move-item -path $var2
    can anyone help me how to move data of formaer employee which is in test folder to archive folder by using powershell

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