ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 07-February-2020

Topics include PowerShell Secrets Management, Regex, DBA Tools and More.

Special thanks to Robin, Kevin, Prasoon and Kiran.

Setup Azure VM with user assigned managed identity to access Azure Key Vault.

by Kiran Patnayakuni on 4th February

Kiran talks about securing your Azure key vault by using a managed identity

Intune + Chocolatey: A Match Made in Heaven

by Brad Wyatt on 5th February

One time consuming task of Microsoft Intune is packaging up applications. Brad goes into how he uses Chocolatey to simplify this process

Publishing NuGet Packages to Azure Artifacts

by Adam Bertram on 6th February

Learn how to publish Azure Artifacts NuGet packages automatically with Azure Pipelines in this step-by-step tutorial!

Learn More about PowerShell and Regular Expressions

by Jeff Hicks on 5th February

If you’ve never used regular expressions before you are missing out. Regex is a valuable tool for parsing strings, get a quick overview of it in this post.

Secrets Management Development Release

by Sydney Smith on 6th February

Microsoft released a development version of their secrets management module. Check out this article to find out more.

Reddit /r/PowerShell – Most Popular Weekly Post

Learn about using Try Catch and providing valuable feedback to your users with error messages.

Tweet of the Week

RTPSUG is continuing to release content from their PowerShell Saturday 2019, if you’ve never used DBA tools you should check it out.

Youtube: Handling Errors in PowerShell with Try..Catch..Finally

The try..catch..finally statements in PowerShell allow you to handle exceptions (errors) in your scripts. One of the unique concepts in PowerShell exceptions is the notion of a terminating error versus a non-terminating error. In this video, we’ll explore the difference between both types of exceptions, and learn how to effectively use try..catch..finally to handle exceptions in a calculated manner. In addition, we’ll take a look at how to use multiple catch blocks to handle specific types of errors uniquely.

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