It’s Nearly the PowerShell PSBlogWeek. 2020.

It feels like it’s been forever. In fact, I had all but forgotten about PSBlogWeek until just recently, when it was reintroduced. So it’s coming; maybe you’ve heard about it before — maybe you haven’t. Some of the best PowerShell minds and their attached authors, come together to do a series of related blog posts — one day after the other, in order to give light to something in our community. It’s a topic, as you, a community member, should know. This time, it’s PowerShell 7.

If you haven’t been paying attention to it, then now’s your opportunity. Get in front of curve, and pave your mind with the things you’re going to want to know, before you need to know them. Before you wish you had just buckled down and read this upcoming content. Don’t be the one that puts this effort off. The goal is to help you, so do help yourself to this upcoming reading. Make a commitment now, to read them all!

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≥ Tommy Maynard (Twitter: @thetommymaynard)

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