PowerShell Conference Book Volume 3 Call For Authors

The PowerShell Conference Book Volume 3 Call for Authors (CFA) is now open!


The timeline for this process should be as follows:

  • Close submissions on Monday, April 20th, at 11:00 PM PDT
  • Notify everyone by May 5th
  • Final drafts will be due by July 5th
  • Finalize publication by August 30th

We are looking for one chapter per author on the topics of PowerShell, DevOps, WinOps, Open Source, or IT Careers. Topic depths can range from novice to expert. Chapters can be technical or cover cultural aspects. Authors can be new or well established. The book will be written in American English, but non-native speakers are welcome (our editorial team will support you)!

You may submit up to 5 chapter proposals in the CFA, but we will choose only one (1) chapter per author. Chapters will be selected based on the contents of the abstract. The more information and clarity you provide about your chapter, the better chance we will choose it over vague abstracts on the same topic. Submitting multiple abstracts will help in case someone else submitted an abstract on the same topic. You may return the form and edit it as many times as you like until the close date.

Published authors will receive one (1) free e-book copy. We will attempt to provide one (1) at-cost physical copy but can make no advanced guarantees. 

About Volume 3

PowerShell Conference Book Volume 3 furthers the traditions of Volume 1 and Volume 3 by acting as a “conference in a book.” It will contain all-new chapters and is not just a new edition of the previous volumes. A different author will write each chapter. Topics will cover PowerShell, DevOps, WinOps, Open Source, or IT Careers. The authors will be a mix of well-known PowerShell community members, new faces, bloggers, authors, trainers, and presenters.

Everyone has something to share that everyone can learn from!

100% of proceeds will go to the OnRamp scholarship program. The editors and authors will only be compensated with a complimentary e-copy of the book. The true payment will come in the authors and editors knowing that the knowledge they shared has helped not only those they shared it with but to new and diverse professionals awarded OnRamp scholarships!

About the Editorial Staff

For Volume 3, Mark E. Kraus will act as Editor-in-Chief with support from Senior Editor Michael Zanatta. The rest of the editorial staff includes Phil Bossman, Christian Coventry, Justin Gehman, Joe Houghee, Steven Judd, Bill Kindle, Adil Leghari, and Arnaud Petitjean.

We learned our lessons from Volume 2 and have increased our editorial staff. This increase should help us compress our timelines so we can publish sooner and start supporting the OnRamp program even earlier!

We look forward to reading your submissions at http://bit.ly/PSConfBook3CFA!

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