A Book: PowerShell to C# and Back

A new Leanpub book project was announced recently. It was June 25, 2020. Perhaps, that day will goes down in history for being more than just another day attached to this … year. It may for me, for reasons outside of the current pandemic.

I didn’t realize this was the exact date for which I was waiting, but now, this date has meaning. For several years, I’ve believe that the PowerShell community was missing a book. I’ve even mentioned it. For many of us, PowerShell has opened doors, and possibly interests that we may have not known we even had.

Join me at https://tommymaynard.com to read more (direct link).

≥ Tommy Maynard (Twitter: @thetommymaynard)

About Tommy Maynard

IT Pro. Passionate for #PowerShell, #AWS (certified x2), & all things automation. I'm not done learning. Author in #PSConfBook. Writes at https://powershell.org.

One thought on “A Book: PowerShell to C# and Back

  1. DexterPOSH

    Thanks Tommy for posting this and we really appreciate you stepping up to help us shape this book to be a better resource to the community.
    We started this journey a while back and realized we kept coming back to PowerShell to learn C# concepts. Hopefully, our notes in the learning process will help other community members as well.

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