Manage Citrix Tags with PowerShell

Managing Citrix tags can be a long painful process if done the traditional way through Citrix Studio, that is what drove me to PowerShell for this task.  Citrix Studio is a great tool, but it can be very time consuming especially if you have to do bulk tag actions. Citrix tags can be used in several methods, but I have focused on desktop tagging. This post will cover the following scenarios:

  • List all current Citrix tags
  • List the members of a specific Citrix tag
  • Creation of a new Citrix tag
  • Removing a Citrix tag from a list of desktop names
  • Adding a Citrix tag from a list of desktop names
  • Deleting a Citrix tag while removing it from all members

Give it a look:
Nick Richardson (@ChiefNSR)

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