Simple PowerShell GUI

Over the years, I have supported and created multiple types of GUIs.  I finally decided a few years ago to create a very simple menu driven PowerShell GUI.  I wanted something that was very powerful yet very simple to maintain.  I really enjoy automating manual administrative tasks, so that is what drove this project in the first place.  Before I created the menu driven PowerShell GUI, I had directories and directories of very specific scripts to do specific tasks.  I decided to standardize and consolidate all of those scripts into one menu driven PowerShell GUI.  By doing this, I took the guess work out of determining which PowerShell script to run for a given task.  This has greatly helped my colleagues know exactly what to run and how.
Feel free to check it out for yourself at my site:  While you're there, you can take a look at a few of my other related posts:

Nick Richardson (@ChiefNSR)

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