NetNeighbor Watch: The PowerShell Alternative To Arpwatch

In this post, we are going to setup NetNeighbor Watch on a Raspberry Pi. NetNeighbor Watch can keep an eye on your network and send you an email when a new host is discovered. NetNeighbor Watch is done completely in PowerShell. The results are very similar to those of arpwatch. NetNeighbor Watch is for anyone that wants more visibility into the wireless or wired devices on their network. We will also setup a weekly email report with all of the known hosts on your network. In this post, I will walk you through the entire process of setting this up from scratch on a Raspberry Pi, lets get started!

Items Covered in Post:
  1. Prerequisites
  2. Gmail App Password
  3. NetNeighbor Watch Code
  4. NetNeighbor Report Code
  5. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Setup
  6. Final Results
  7. Resetting Known Hosts

Take a look for yourself at my site: Nick Richardson (@ChiefNSR)

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