ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 06-November-2020

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Topics include Containers, Microsoft Teams, AMSI and more

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, Kiran Patnayakuni and Kevin Laux.

Windows PowerShell vs CMD – What’s the Difference

by Ankush Das on 2nd November

Most of you must have used the command prompt at some point in time – whether just for the sake of trying out an experiment or fixing an issue like recovering the data after getting affected by a shortcut virus. But, what about PowerShell which came into existence later? What is the difference between PowerShell and cmd?

PowerShell and Containers

by Jamie Phillips on 2nd November

Jamie demonstrates how to run PowerShell scripts inside the containers.

Back to Basics: How to Manage Windows Services with PowerShell

by Adam Bertram on 3rd November

Learn how to get, start, stop, and restart services with Adam Bertram.

Quick Tips: How do I restore a deleted Microsoft Teams Team using PowerShell.

by Andrew Price on 5th November

When the team is deleted, it is held in the “recycle bin” for 30 days until it is permanently deleted. The following is the process of restoring a deleted team in Microsoft Teams.

Bypass AMSI in PowerShell — A Nice Case Study

by Aidin Naserifard on 5th November

Bypass AMSI in PowerShell — A Nice Case Study

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working with select-string cmdlet.

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PSReadLine 2.1.0 GA has been published!

Youtube: How to hide the analyzer false positives?

How to hide the analyzer false positives?

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