ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 19-March-2021

In Case You Missed It

Topics include DSC, Active Directory, Compare-Object and more…

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, Kiran Patnayakuni and Kevin Laux

Simple Simple Microsoft Crescendo Example Part II

by Tommy Maynard on 15th March

The Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo module is mostly brand new. It’s still early on in its development. It’s currently at version 0.4.1.. Tomyy gives you an idea of his first experience working with the module.

PowerShell Execution Policies: Understanding and Managing

by Chaitanya on 16th March

In this post, you’re going to learn about PowerShell execution policies and how to manage them with the Set-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet. By the end of this post, you’ll know not only to run scripts but how to use execution policies too!

Extending PowerShell’s Compare-Object to handle custom classes and arrays

by Dirk Bremen on 16th March

In this post, Dirk will walk you through the process of extending the built-in Compare-Object cmdlet to support “deep” comparison of custom objects, arrays, and classes.

Advanced HTML reporting using PowerShell

by Przemysław Kłys on 16th March

Have a look at Przemysław Klys’s Advanced HTML reporting using PowerShell

Better Active Directory Reporting with PowerShell

by Jeff Hicks on 18th March

Jeff shares his ADReportingScripts tools, built from a collection of scripts to deal with common AD tasks and frustrations.

Reddit /r/PowerShell – Most Popular Weekly Post

Redditor discovers the “Copy as PowerShell” feature, also available in Chrome.

Tweet of the Week

#PowerShell 7.2-preview.4 is out!

Youtube: Testing DSC Pull Server and apply localhost.mof to a client node that disables Windows Firewall

As a follow on from last week, In this video we will use this same infrastructure to configure the Windows Firewall on a client node. I will use the FirewallProfile resource from the NetworkingDSC Module on the PowerShell Gallery to accomplish the task. The video has all the step-by-step instructions, and you can download the code used at my website linked below.

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