ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 26-February-2021

In Case You Missed It

Topics include DNS, VMWare, Exchange and more...

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, Kiran Patnayakuni and Kevin Laux.

Getting Detailed Task Information With PowerCLI (Function)

by Fer Corrales on 22nd February

The Get-Task default output is quite limited compared to the information displayed by the vCenter or ESXi Task Panel. In this post you will find out how to get more information from PowerCLI.

How to Flush DNS in Windows 10

by Anthony Metcalf on 22nd February

In this article, you’re going to learn how to clear a DNS cache as a troubleshooting method in Windows 10 using the built-in ipconfig command and with PowerShell’s Clear-DnsClientCache cmdlet.

Monitoring with PowerShell: Monitoring listening applications

by Kelvin Tegelaar on 23rd February

Monitor listening ports in Windows to ensure that the expected application is using it.

How to Move Exchange Mailboxes with PowerShell

by Faris Malaeb on 23rd February

Known as a Local Move Request, you can move user, archive, arbitration, discovery, and other types of mailboxes. In this tutorial, you will learn how to start and manage local move requests using Windows Powershell!

PowerShell for Visual Studio Code Updates – February 2021

by Sydney Smith on 23rd February

See both what is new and what is to come in this blog from Microsoft on the PowerShell extension for VS Code.

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