ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 18-June-2021

Topics include Password Auditing, PowerShell 7.2, WiFi Password Recovery and more…

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, Kiran Patnayakuni and Kevin Laux

How to show all known Wi-Fi network SSIDs and Passphrases with Powershell

by Paolo Frigo on 8th June

Paolo simply needed the list of all the known wi-fi networks presented in a key-value pair format, so he wrote this script a few months ago and took the opportunity to write an article about it.

Audit your Active Directory user passwords against haveibeenpwned.com

by Ondrej Sebela on 13th June

In this article, Andrew will show you, how to easily and securely check, whether some of your users are using leaked passwords with PowerShell.

Monitoring with PowerShell: Predict when disk is full

by Kelvin Tegelaar on 15th June

Learn how to start doing predictive monitoring with PowerShell in this article

How to Work with REST APIs and PowerShell’s Invoke-RestMethod

by Ryan Kowalewskik on 18th June

Do you often access application programming interfaces (APIs) using PowerShell? Maybe you want to but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re a PowerShell pro or just starting, this tutorial has you covered with a built-in PowerShell cmdlet that interacts with APIs called Invoke-RestMethod.

Preview updating PowerShell 7.2 with Microsoft Update

by Travis Plunk on 18th June

Update PowerShell using Microsoft updates coming soon – find out more about it here

Reddit /r/PowerShell – Most Popular Weekly Post

u/richie65 shares his module for a PowerShell version of ipconfig.

Tweet of the Week

A look at Justin’s @code native Pester test adapter

Youtube: I Need Coffee: Episode 56 – Get BC Version from Docker Container using PowerShell

Get BC Version from Docker Container using PowerShell

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