ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 16-July-2021

In Case You Missed It

Topics include Azure Devops, Microsoft Defender, Azure and more...

Special thanks to Robin Dadswell, Prasoon Karunan V, Kiran Patnayakuni and Kevin Laux.

Deploy PowerShell 7.x on Windows 10 machine

by 77Snake77 on 12th July

PowerShell 7 has been out for a while, if you want to know more about installing it, take a look at this blog post which talks you through the process.

Adding a year worth of sprints in Azure DevOps with PowerShell

by Roberth Strand on 14th July

If you are working with Azure DevOps to keep track of your projects, you probably have to deal with sprints. Depending on the length of your sprints, and the fact that you can bulk add sprints, you probably either end up creating the next sprint during sprint planning or create every sprint manually. This blog shows how to do the same using PowerShell

How to run on-demand AV scanning on a file with MS Defender using Powershell

by Paola Frigo on 15th July

Running Windows defender and need to run an on demand scan - this blog shows you how and also how to view the log files

Searching for PowerShell with CIM

by Jeff Hicks on 15th July

Find installed PowerShell versions using CIM with the script in this blog from Jeff

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Weekly Post

Link and discussion about what's new in windows terminal 1.10.

Tweet of the Week

Bicep #PowerShell Module, 2.0.0-Preview1 released!

Youtube: Let's Learn Some PowerShell

In this stream, I'll try to take you from not knowing PowerShell to being able to use it in the cloud (Azure).

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