Chatting about Chatbots with Mike Kanakos, Microsoft MVP


Mike Kanakos is extremely active in the PowerShell community, so getting the opportunity to highlight all his contributions was pretty awesome for us. We got to talk about all of the ways we can contribute to PowerShell to keep it the best version of itself. We also did a quick dive into ChatBots and highlighted PoshBot, which can connect to several chat backends like Slack or Teams.

Guest Bio and links:

Mike is a Microsoft MVP who might be the biggest advocate for PowerShell out there. He has weekly engagements where he is blogging or talking about Powershell. He is so active in the community they figured they might as well make him the Director of Community Engagement at He also leads the Research Triangle PowerShell Users Group, which is helping over 2400 members better automate with PowerShell.


Mikes MVP Profile -

Mikes blog -

Research Triangle PowerShell User Group -

Awesome talk on Secrets -

Poshbot Git - GitHub - poshbotio/PoshBot: Powershell-based bot framework

Poshbot Docs - Home - PoshBot Docs

pscookiemonster on Poshbot -

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