DBATools with Jess Pomfret


Episode Summary:

Jess Pomfret joins us to discuss how PowerShell was the perfect tool to help her automate DBA tasks. She gives some great insight into joining the community for the first time and talks about how helpful Chrissy LeMaire was in submitting her first submission to the dbatools module. Last, we cover the importance of writing code to test your code with Pester.

Guest Bio and links:

Jess Pomfret is a Microsoft MVP who is passionate about databases and automation, and PowerShell is the tool that lets her combine those loves. She is heavily involved with the DBATools module for PowerShell, the go-to tool for database administrators using PowerShell. Jess is also the Co-Author of DBATools in a Month of Lunches, estimated to be published in June of 2022. All of that and still finds time to speak at PowerShell and DBA events.

"DBAtools is kind of a gateway drug for PowerShell."
                                                   -Jess Pomfret

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