PowerShell & Global DevOps Summit. The Bar Sessions.


This episode features several conversations we captured while at the Global Summit. Ryan Richter talked to us about his experiences attending the OnRamp. Steven Judd talked about helping to run the remote summit, dad jokes, and music. Lastly, we talk with Harjit and Mick from the PowerShell news podcast, where we talk about how our podcasts came about and things we have learned and improved on since we started.


Guest Bio and links:

Ryan Twitter - https://twitter.com/ryanrichter94

Ryan Git - https://github.com/ryanrichter94

Steven Twitter - https://twitter.com/stevenjudd

Steven Git - https://github.com/stevenjudd

PowerShell News Podcast - https://powershellnews.podbean.com/

Mick Twitter - https://twitter.com/mick_pletcher

Mick Blog - https://mickitblog.blogspot.com/

Harjit Twitter - https://twitter.com/Hoorge

Harjit Blog - http://harjit.us/

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