Just The Two of Us


After 5,000 downloads, Andrew and Jordan stop to say thank you for all of the support from the community. We also cover some of the very nice messages we have received and have a special community highlight for Drew McClellan. Then we cover some file system management information and discover that one of us is a little too attached to default settings. Finally, Jordan gets downright giddy to learn something new about PowerShell providers.


Guest Bio and links:

Jordan loves PowerShell and took home the gold medal for curling in the Utah Olympic Oval Haunted House/Curling Tournament. Shameless plug for his Twitter: https://twitter.com/DevOpsJordan


Andrew ALSO loves PowerShell and has several illustrious acting roles in plays, including his star turn as Timon in the Lion King. Continued Shameless Twitter plug: https://twitter.com/AndrewPlaTech


Drew's Blog Home | My Site (chefsitcompendium.wixsite.com)

Drew's Git XXLMandalorian013 (Drew McClellan) · GitHub

Drew Twitter https://twitter.com/mcclellandrew?s=21&t=UJsIrmfPVZwdFX367zz7gw

Gainsville PowerShell Meetup Gainesville PowerShell User Group (GNVPSUG)

Weekly Roundup Dowst.Dev | PowerShell Weekly – June 10, 2022

Jeff Hicks blog Using PowerShell Your Way • The Lonely Administrator (jdhitsolutions.com)

Patrick Gruenauer Blog PowerShell: Changing the Look of the Prompt – SID-500.COM

Summit Videos The State of the Shell by Jeffery Snover, Jason Helmick, Sydney Smith and Dave Martins - YouTube

April Edwards as Summit Putting the Ops in DevOps by April Edwards - YouTube

Working with files Working with Files and Folders - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs

About Profiles about Profiles - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs


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