Securing and Setting up Microsoft Sentinel with Sabrina Kay


This episode taught us about Microsoft Sentinel, a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response) product. Security is a constantly changing landscape, and Sabrina gives some tips on a successful test/deployment of Microsoft Sentinel to that you can get robots (AI) to help you think! Then we discuss Sabrina’s journey through IT, and how she ended up as a consultant standing up security AI, we learn that Jordan does speak a second language after all. Not to spoil it, but it is food.  

Guest Bio and links:

Sabrina Kay is a Microsoft Enterprise Administrator Expert and a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP. She has a passion for learning and shares her knowledge with the community through her blog, speaking at conferences, making YouTube videos, and more. She speaks 5 languages (6 if you include PowerShell) and has an awesome and positive mindset. 


Sabrina Website - 

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Jaap Twitter - 

Abstracting code - Think Abstract, abstracting your PowerShell code by Jaap Brasser 

Sentinel Docs - 

Rod Trent Twitter - 

Get-ConditionalAccessPolicyExclusions - 


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