A conversation that will !slap you with Jaap Brasser


In this episode, Jaap tells us how he got into speaking at conferences. We talk about examples of how his support has helped people on their own speaking journey. We discuss a few of the recent talks he has given, from abstracting code to bettering your home automation. We get to discuss his Microsoft MVP being renewed a few hours before we recorded. Last, and probably most important, we learned that he submitted the slap with a fish function into Poshbot. A function that gets extensive use in our office. 


Guest Bio and links:

Jaap Brasser is a Senior Developer Advocate at Harness as well as a 7-time Microsoft MVP. If you are attending a PowerShell convention anywhere in the world, chances are pretty good that he will be there speaking about something new.  




MVP Profile 

Think Abstract, abstracting your PowerShell code by Jaap Brasser 

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