Developing PowerShell Tools with Adam Driscoll


We talked about Adam’s journey into PowerShell, how he started creating tools for PowerShell, and how his experience as a developer. He shared insights into the challenges of growing a business while developing new features and how he manages all the tasks on his plate. We also learn more about his personal life, including his numerous travel mishaps, Iron Man competitions, and even building your own cryptocurrency. We covered all that and much, much more. 


Bio and links:

Adam Driscoll is the owner of Ironman Software, LLC and a 10x Cloud and Datacenter MVP. He develops popular tools for PowerShell and is active in the PowerShell community in pretty much every way you can think of. Adam is an avid blogger, published author, has recorded several high scores on the golf course, and is a triathlete. 

Adam Driscoll (@adamdriscoll) / Twitter 

adamdriscoll (Adam Driscoll) · GitHub 

Ironman Software: Powerful tools for DevOps and IT professionals - Ironman Software 

Adam Driscoll ( 

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