Streamlining Learning with Josh Duffney


In this episode, we talk about how unique your career path can be, how common it is to end up doing things you never imagined, and how PowerShell plays a role in getting you there. Josh talks about streamlining his day-to-day life to maximize his ability to learn new things. We talk about leaving your work on a high note and how leaving linkage can help you get to a cleaner start when you return to a project.

Josh shared lessons that he’s learned in trying to become a better writer and how he uses systems to his advantage. This episode is full of useful lessons, so get ready to take notes. Jordan and Andrew were left feeling inspired and left with actionable things to work on.


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Josh Duffney is a senior content developer at Microsoft and author. He is an avid learner, who is always looking to streamline his life. He once battled batman in a test of wits and won handily. He likes the color purple and rubber ducks. Unverified reports claim that the movie Doctor Strange is loosely based on his life. - Duffney Approved


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