Passion + PowerShell = Profit with David Hall


In this episode, we cover a lot of ground. We cover how PowerShell has helped our careers, from the beginning roots to the current day. David covers how he got his start, the challenges he faced along the way, and how each opportunity to teach came up. We explore the origins of PSAffirmations and the role that affirmations had when dealing with Imposter Syndrome. Security is David’s specialty, so we spent some time picking David’s brain about the current state of security and where attention is needed. We discuss whether passion can be taught or if it already must be there. Last, Jordan lets slip that he hates Christmas.  


Guest Bio and links:

David Hall, also known as CyberAutomate, has spent over 20 years in cyber security for the Department of Defense, and now applies his skills as a Customer Engineer at Microsoft. David is an avid fan of learning and pays that forward by teaching where he can: whether that be by teaching others as a warrant officer or as a professor. 




  4. GitHub - cyberautomate/PubPowerShell: All my PowerShell Code 


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