Toasting Git with Cory Knox


In this episode, we chat with Cory Knox. We talked all about the PowerShell discord and how it’s grown over the years and is a great resource to connect with the community and have your questions answered. Cory and Jordan find common ground in their experiences with Toastmasters. Cory also talks to us about Git, how to get started using Git for PowerShell projects, an awesome PowerShell module to enhance your Git console experience, and more. 


Guest Bio and links:

Cory is a Chocolatey Software Engineer with a background in End User Computing who enjoys working with PowerShell and C# while dabbling in whatever language a project that needs a fix might be using. Constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and improve developer experiences. You can see Cory in the PowerShell community Discord, on Twitter, speaking at conferences, active on GitHub, and occasionally streams on twitch. 


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