Exploring AutomatedLab and DSC with Raimund Andrée


In this episode, we revisit AutomatedLab with the other primary maintainer, Raimund Andrée. Raimund teaches us about DSC and shares details of the DSCWorkshop project, which is a great way to go about learning more about DSC in a hands-on manner. We also learned about Cattle vs. Pets and how that applies to your servers. You can hear all of this, plus more in this companion episode to our first AutomatedLab episode. 


Guest Bio and links: Raimund Andrée is a Cloud Solution Architect and Microsoft with over 20 years of experience. Raimund has been involved in Open Source and the PowerShell community for a long time. Raimund works on several projects that have a large reach and has helped thousands of PowerShell users. You can find him tweeting on Twitter, contributing to projects on GitHub, speaking at conferences, and more.  





The PowerShell module toolbox and templates for Continuous Delivery - Raimund Andrée - PSConfE... 

The DSC project blueprint or how to start a DSC project the right way by Raimund Andrée 





View the Podcast on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMALY186tdk

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