Practical Automation With Matthew Dowst


Episode Summary:

In this episode, we learn about taking the next step from being able to run and write PowerShell to implementing automation solutions in your environment. Matthew shares advice on how to approach automating tasks and shares what he’s learned in his career as an automation consultant, leveraging PowerShell to automate tasks large and small. This episode is all about taking your PowerShell to the next level. 


Guest Bio and links:

Matthew Dowst is a Managing Consultant for Quisitive (formerly Catapult Systems) and the lead architect for their managed automation team. He has spent the last ten 10 years working extensively with PowerShell to help clients of all sizes automate their production workloads. He is the author of Practical Automation with PowerShell. In addition, Matthew is very involved in the PowerShell community, writing blogs, authoring modules, and participating in online forums. He is also the creator of the PowerShell Weekly newsletter, a weekly roundup of that week’s PowerShell news. 







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