RTFM with Steven Judd


Episode Summary:

In this episode, we have our first returning guest, Steven Judd! Steven gets things started off right by talking about the process of turning a command into a function and how PowerShell provides value each step of the way. Steven convinces Jordan that RegEx is powerful and shares some tips for using it more. We learn about living off the land, how solving a problem can help you understand the technology that you are creating a solution for, and the three most important PowerShell commands. All this, and more, in this wisdom-infused episode. 


Guest Bio and links:

Steven Judd is a 25+ year IT Pro and most recently a former Windows Systems Engineer at Meta Platforms Inc. with an emphasis on Enterprise Messaging and Digital Loss Prevention. - He has been using PowerShell since 2010. - He was an author and editor on The PowerShell Conference Book Volume 3, a Senior Editor on Modern IT Automation with PowerShell, has co-developed a custom training program for PowerShell, and is an occasional presenter at PowerShell user groups. - He loves to help people learn and recognize the value of automation. - He spends his free time learning more about PowerShell, digital security, and cloud technologies, along with creating and telling Dad jokes. - You can find him hanging out on the PowerShell Discord Server bridge channel, taking care of his family, running marathons, playing the cello, plus a handful of other hobbies he can't seem to quit. 

  1. https://blog.stevenjudd.com/  

  2. https://blog.stevenjudd.com/My-PowerShell-Journey/ 

  3. https://github.com/stevenjudd 

  4. https://twitter.com/stevenjudd

See the YouTube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxRDv_4gON8

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