Context is Key with Gael Colas


In this episode, Gael Colas takes us on a DevOps journey. He shared some of his experience working with companies and some of the non-coding skills that are critical for successful automation to take place in an organization. We talk about the value stream of a business and how important context is. We talk about thinking in systems and Gael updates us on what to expect from PSConfEU. 


Guest Bio and links:

Gael is the founder and director of SynEdgy Limited, a consulting company in the DevOps, Azure and PowerShell automation space, helping companies bringing agility in their infrastructure management and operations. SynEdgy is also behind the PowerShell Conference Europe (PSConfEU), PSDayUK and contributes to many other user groups and events of the community. In his spare time, Gael is a member of the PowerShell Working Groups, DSC Community committee member, and recipient of the Microsoft MVP award. 







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